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At RSCS, we offer a world-renowned BJU curriculum that can be found being used by the largest private schools in the United States and across the globe. Not only do we offer a world-class curriculum we will also be offering electives throughout the year.


 Research shows that grades Pre-K through 3rd show greater academic achievement in the students when there is a lower student-to-teacher ratio. At RSCS, we purposefully keep our student-to-teacher ratios low for this very reason so we can ensure academic excellence in your child's learning.

For you the parents we offer peace of mind and a viable option to what is being offered through the public school system. At RSCS we are also a zero-tolerance school that does not tolerate bullying of any kind. You as a parent will be expected to take an active role in your child's education. At RSCS we want you involved, we want you to volunteer and to help out. We want your kids to see you taking at an active role in their education. This also helps us to make tuition affordable for you the parents. Our Headmaster is also available to you at before and after school hours.

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